The power of political power

15 Oct

We often lightly scold people who vote continue to put people in office who break the laws or the moral code of those they are supposed to represent.

Too many complain about politicians, yet continue to put the same people in office.

We’re not interested in hitting someone when they’re down, but this is an excellent example that needs to be shared.

Democrat Representative Jesse Jackson Jr’s life is hell right now.

He’s being treated for bipolar disorder — a mental illness that can bring depression, mania, risky behavior and delusions.
That’s not a black mark against him in our opinion.

Bipolar happens to a lot of people and like many conditions – it is treatable.

It’s the other things:
He’s had a highly publicized relationship with a “social acquaintance” that has hurt his marriage.

His name is repeatedly linked to disgraced former Governor Rod Blagojevich, who is serving hard time in prison.

Now he’s the target of a federal investigation into so-called “suspicious activity” into his congressional finances.

What does all this mean for Jackson’s political future in the upcoming election?
It probably won’t make a difference.

He’s going to be re-elected.


Because he’s a Democrat – and in that part of the country that’s all that’s necessary.

And he’s a Jackson and his father is famous and politically powerful.

People vote the party line.

Or they like the person anyway, or they don’t believe what’s being said.

Another case in point is former House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dan Rostenkowski.

He’s a Democrat and he was convicted and served prison time following an investigation for improper use of his congressional fund.

Still, he won elections with these ethical and legal clouds swirling around him — until the indictment came.

Only then he was ousted by a little known Republican, ending a 36-year political career.

Let’s be fair – Jackson has been not been indicted nor convicted of anything.

But the Chicago Sun-Times is reporting a new FBI investigation into Jackson is underway.

Jackson has been out of sight for four months, non-existent on the campaign trail.

One reason is Jackson was hospitalized for treatment of his condition.

The only challenge to Jackson’s re-election comes from a three virtually unknown candidates.

Possible major candidates don’t see the race as winnable.

In Chicago, and many other places too, even an indictment doesn’t automatically mean the end to a career.

There was state Representative Derrick Smith, a Democrat who was charged with taking a $7,000 bribe and still won the Democratic primary with 77 percent of the vote.

Smith was expelled from the Illinois chamber but remains on the ballot.

If he wins re-election, and most think he will, the Illinois House of Representatives will need to find different grounds on which to expel him.

As for Jackson, even people who don’t like him think he will easily get re-elected.

He’s a Democrat and the Jackson name carries a lot of weight in Illinois.

People tend to think most politicians are crooks – except for the ones they vote for.

Even with all his problems, the majority will go to the polls and most likely keep him in office.

Again, we get the government we deserve.

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