It’s the holiday season

22 Oct

It’s that time of year.

As the holidays get closer, the people who want to ban anything traditional are swinging back in action.

How about this?

A Seattle school has banned students from celebrating Halloween.

Lafayette Elementary School says students can’t dress up in costume for Halloween this year.

As to why – there seems some confusion between parents and the administration.

The decision was first reported by the Seattle Public Schools district when it said Halloween costumes could offend and upset students who come from other cultures.

What the hell is going with these people?

We’re not alone because dozens of parents complained to the school demanding a detailed explanation…or one that at least made some sense.

The school took a step back and starting insisting it was because of limited classroom time around Halloween this year.

It seems with Halloween falling this year on a half day of school, it doesn’t want to allow costumes because it takes the kids a while to change clothes and that makes for less school time.

To make everybody feel better about this stupidity, the school announced it will be hosting a “Harvest Party” instead of a costume party.

To be followed we’re sure with a Turkey Party instead of Thanksgiving, and a Winterland Festival instead of Christmas.

That offends us.

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