Local politics goes to hell

24 Oct

UPDATE: This article was written last night.
In this morning’s Star-Advertiser, there’s an article about Kirk Caldwell commenting on the negative ads running now.
“”I’m not going around filing any lawsuits on this issue. I believe the best way to address it, for me, and I’m talking about me, personally, is to grow a thicker skin.”
Hardly a stand against them – so we did not change our comments.


So, how do your like the political campaigns so far?
Yes, too many negative ads.

Almost all of them are ranting or raving about some candidate.
You can thank your friends and neighbors.

Politicians run that stuff because it works.
Shame on you for buying into it.

And you can thank the U.S. Supreme Court.
It allowed so-called Super Pacs to exist, take money for negative advertising and don’t have to say who sent them a check.

Not too long ago there was no negative advertising in Hawaii.

It was a reflection of the values of our people:

Don’t talk stink about someone
Support your friends
Family comes first
Be nice and be humble

This year is the worst we can remember in 40 years of hanging around politics.

The mud throwing is led by Pacific Resources Partnership and its attempted destruction of Ben Cayetano.

Nothing in their many ads about “pay for play” are true when it comes to Cayetano.


It’s all innuendo and carefully crafted slime.

It produces buckets of crap and it uses union member dues to produce this stuff.

So, how are you carpenters feeling right now to be supporting this stuff?

Today we heard an ad on the radio screaming that Kirk Caldwell’s campaign is in “serious debt” and he’s frantic to win so he can pay those debts off.

Screaming, really.
Come on.

Ben Cayetano has filed a slander suit against Pacific Resources.

We say good for him although it may be tough to win.

Someone can say just about anything about a public figure and it’s up to Cayetano to prove they knowingly lied.

Then there’s Caldwell.

He’s just standing on the sidelines saying, “it ain’t me”.

It doesn’t make any difference that he’s not connected to those people.

It makes a difference he isn’t taking a public stand in stating clearly that what they are doing isn’t correct and isn’t right.

Caldwell shows little honor, and we are embarrassed for him.

It’s no different with Mazie Hirono and Linda Lingle.

Everyone is sure to mention how they honor “values” but none speak out about the trash being served up by these negative ads, except to complain about the ones aimed at them.

It makes you wonder why someone would want any job so badly they would swallow any sense of integrity they might have.

It makes us also wonder why you vote for them.

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