Hirono is having a bad week

25 Oct

We messed up.

We really should have kept track of how much money each candidate is begging for, email by email, day after day.

It’s sure to be a lot.

But there’s no doubt in our mind that the overall champ is Mazie Hirono.

She often sends out an email pointing out some mysterious group is targeting her and she needs money NOW to fight them off.

Here’s the latest:

Aloha —

It’s worse than we thought.

We just got word that another shadowy right-wing front group — the so-called “Fund for Freedom” that we hadn’t even heard of before — is about to unleash $300,000 in attack ads against me.

With the U.S. Chamber and the Fund for Freedom coming in to try to boost Republican Linda Lingle before Election Day, the GOP clearly views this seat as their ticket to a Senate majority.

Who knows which outside group will follow next.

I need your help to fight back, right now, to keep our campaign competitive in this critical final stretch. We must raise $50,000 by Saturday for our Fight Back Fund, so we can expand our own TV ad buy in response.

Please help.

There you go.
The boogie-man is breathing outside the door and she needs your money to scare him off.

She’s right…who knows what group will follow next?

It’s only limited by her fertile mind.

We appreciate the DELETE button this time of year.

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