Looking ahead to election day

5 Nov

The polls are seeing some last-minute shifting.

One of the states where Obama was in danger was Nevada.

The Romney campaign and the Republican National Committee believe they can still win.

Trailing by nearly 50,000 votes in early voting, they would need everything to break right – President Obama losing Democrats and independents voting in huge numbers for Romney.

It now looks as if it will be very difficult for Obama to lose Nevada, especially since almost more than two-thirds of the vote is in and whatever turnout advantage the GOP has on Tuesday won’t be enough.

The final numbers will probably be something like Obama, 50 percent; Romney, 46 percent; others and “none of the above,” 4 percent.

Elsewhere, the final Pew Research survey is showing President Obama has edged ahead of Mitt Romney in the final day of the presidential campaign, 48% to 45%.

Its final estimate of the national popular vote is Obama 50% and Romney 47%, when the undecided vote is allocated between the two candidates based on several indicators and opinions.

The last NBC News/Wall Street Journal survey shows Obama moved ahead by one point, 48% to 47%.

The last YouGov survey has Obama leading by two points, 49% to 47%.

The Reuters/Ipsos tracking poll finds Obama up by one point, 48% to 47%, while the Washington Post/ABC News tracker finds Obama up 49% to 48%.

Meanwhile, the last Politico/GWU poll and Rasmussen tracker both find the race tied, though both earlier found Romney leading.

The momentum shows a shift to Obama.

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