Why the GOP sucks

10 Nov

Some Republicans have a problem understanding why their party didn’t do better in the election.

Here’s one of many reasons.
Meet Peter Morrison, treasurer of the Hardin County, Texas Republican Party, and author of the newsletter, The Peter Morrison Report.

He writes stuff like this:
“Why should Vermont and Texas live under the same government? Let each go her own way.”
A member of the Tea Party and a Ron Paul supporter, he says it’s time for an amicable divorce between his state and the rest of the country.

Especially the “maggots” who voted for President Obama.
Then he went to town blaming Asian-Americans and Hispanics for voting on an “ethnic basis”
Before you dismiss him as some fringe nut-case with access to a computer — you should know he also happens to be the man chosen by the former State Board of Education Chairman to help screen Texas public school textbooks.

How about that?
The chair of the Hardin County GOP says, “I guess I need to start taking a look at his newsletters”.

And people wonder why the Republican Party is in the dumps.

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