What happened to Michele Bachmann?

13 Nov

It’s been a while since we visited Michele Bachmann.

Former Republican presidential candidate, Tea Party darling and all around nutty lady.

You remember she dropped out (actually disappeared) from the presidential race and went back to running in Minnesota for re-election in the House of Representatives.

It would have been a remarkable defeat for the GOP and the tea party movement if Michele Bachmann lost.

She didn’t but she didn’t have a rousing victory either.

Only two years ago Bachmann swept the midterms with a 13-point victory.

And then came her run for president, a race littered with gaffes and misstatements suggesting no understanding of current international and domestic affairs, like:

– Numerous pledges to repeal “Obamacare” – a power the President does not have
– Shut down the U.S. Embassy in Iran where diplomatic relations have been non-existent since 1980
– Repeated statements that President Obama had released all the oil from the nation’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve when in fact he had released less than 5 percent.

All those back-to-back stinkers apparently stuck.

Bachmann barely won her fourth term despite vastly outspending an upstart Democrat running his first race.

She turned out to be less popular with her constituents than GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney or even a gay marriage ban she supported.

Bachmann seems to see the writing on the wall and is promising a “new” her:

“In my next term, I’ll continue to work every day to create jobs for the people in my district and for the people in our nation, while doing everything I can to be an unwavering voice in Washington for our constitutional conservative values.”

She won by barely 4,200 votes, or a little over a percentage point, in the 6th District of Minneapolis.

So, what happened?

Over the summer when she linked a top aide to Secretary of State Hilary Clinton to the Muslim Brotherhood and suggested Islamic fundamentalists were infiltrating high levels of the government.

That was just part of it.

Bachmann is actually quite lucky.

Minnesota Republicans got smacked in the election.

The GOP lost both houses of the Legislature, the U.S. Senate race and a U.S. House seat, and voters rejected two amendments backed by the party.

They preferred Obama over Romney, too.

We suspect there won’t be another run for the White House.

Then again, she hasn’t done much that made sense over the years.

3 Responses to “What happened to Michele Bachmann?”

  1. Anonymous May 29, 2013 at 1:47 pm #

    What a bunch of morons you at this rag are.

    • Honolulu Notes May 29, 2013 at 2:04 pm #

      Good grief, such anger.

      We could be snarky and say thank you for that – we’ve tried hard to be that way and recognition is always appreciated.

      But instead, let’s deal with your comment seriously:
      There’s nothing in that article that isn’t true.
      You may disagree with the term “nutty”, but that’s our opinion, and you apparently have yours.
      That’s good. How boring would it be if we all thought alike?

      We offer you the opportunity to write an article stating your opinion of her.
      No editing (except for grammar and profanity).
      Just send it to notes(dot)Honolulu)at(gmail(dot)com and we’ll post it.

      We urge you to take the opportunity. Different opinions are good things.

      Honolulu Notes

  2. Totte November 14, 2012 at 10:05 pm #

    Just a smiling guest here to say the love (:, btw great structure.

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