ABC sinks last resort

16 Nov

We live in an age of instant gratification.

We want it now and we aren’t willing to wait for it.

As a society we are like a child in a toy store – wildly running from one shiny thing to another – never pausing long enough to enjoy or touch what caught our attention that moment.

Years ago, people used to say good things were worth waiting for.

Not in this age of the internet and speed dating.

We’re bitching about ABC cancelling “Last Resort”.

It was given six episodes to make it.

Six episodes on “must see TV” Thursday night against established home run competition.

It never had a chance.
It was never given a chance.

One wonders how many millions ABC spent on the show only to put it where it had the least chance of success.

It could have done better on a Saturday night when the network’s says no one is home.

It was the same story with “Lost” – but in a more patent time when a show was allowed to find an audience, even if it took a couple of seasons.

It may find a life yet on cable, one of many that have been kicking the network’s butt for the past couple of years.

That’s not a rumor, just a thought.

We thought it was a good show, especially compared to some of the idiotic comedies on TV with bad acting, and over-the-top stereotyping of gays and minorities.

A drama takes great acting.

Andre Braugher, who plays Captain Marcus Chaplin, chews up every scene he is in.

Watching him is a masters class in acting.

A good drama takes committment.

The show is not handed out in bite-sized pieces like a situational comedy.

When the laugh track hits, there’s the punch line, you can move on.

A drama involves investment in the story line and the time it takes to play out.

It involves attention so the various sub-plots – important to the main story line – can develop.

It takes patience on the part of the viewer and the network.

Neither of which appears to be available by either side.

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