17 Nov

“I know we ran the most sophisticated and aggressive digital campaign in the history of Republican politics.”

– Romney campaign digital director Zac Moffatt

“We don’t — I know no one believes it — we have no agenda.”

– Fox News chief Roger Ailes

“Mitt Romney had what I scientifically call a butt-ugly primary.”

– Karl Rove offering another excuse for Mitt Romney’s loss in the presidential election

“For the first time, there was a traffic jam in the Senate women’s bathroom. There were five of us in there, and there are only two stalls.”

– Democrat Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, noting that the next Senate will have a record 20 women

“We had 20 Republican debates, that was absolutely nuts, it opened us up to gaffes and to material that could be used against us in the general, and we were fighting these debates for a year, and the incumbent president just sat back and laughed.”

– Mitt Romney on the GOP primary season

“I’m very sorry that we didn’t win. I know that you expected to win, we expected to win, we were disappointed with the result, we hadn’t anticipated it, and it was very close but close doesn’t count in this business. And so now we’re looking and saying, ‘O.K., what can we do going forward?’ But frankly we’re still so troubled by the past, it’s hard to put together our plans from the future.”

– Mitt Romney (again) on a conference call with fundraisers

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