The slimy side of politics

21 Nov

Not matter what you think of the politician you voted for, he or she has a vested interest in staying in office.

Whether it’s because they like the attention or the perks, or want to keep making a difference – they have to keep an eye on their image.

For the next election.

How about this:

Some unnamed liberals and Democrats are hoping the White House — if the fiscal talks break down — would let the fiscal cliff happen and let all the Bush tax cuts expire.

Their reason?

That way Democrats could come back after the New Year and pass the tax cuts for those under $250,000 again while leaving taxes on the rich at Clinton-era levels.

Problem of those pesky Republicans – solved.

Of course, going over the cliff could, and probably would, push the nation into a recession.

But the Democrats would look good and the Republicans would look bad.

And that’s what’s it’s all about.

One key reason the White House has the advantage in this battle is that the election’s outcome is putting pressure on Republicans to drop their opposition to tax increases, or be perceived as ignoring the will of the people – and their re-election chances.

But – if the White House goes along with this crazy idea, that would allow Republicans to say Obama isn’t serious about reaching a compromise, perhaps allowing them to evade some of the blame if we do run off the edge.

See how tangled this stuff gets?

None of this means Obama is in fact willing to go over the cliff if necessary.

He probably is not – but he certainly isn’t going to say now because he’d lose his negotiating strength.

Actually, no one wants the country to go off the fiscal cliff.

They just want to look good, regardless of what happens.

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