Loyality is for chumps

23 Nov

We’ve worked on many political campaigns over the years.

In some cases we were friends of the candidate and some cases we were part of his or her administration.

If the candidate is considered a “dark horse” there isn’t too many people ready to help.

He or she has their small circle of friends and that’s it.

But if the candidate is a big time or successful politician running for re-election, it’s amazing to see who comes knocking at the door.

We used to sit around in the evenings and gossip about someone who showed up to visit or volunteer.

It’s easy to pick out the true believers from the one’s hoping to get a job in the administration.

The bigger the political office, the more those folks come out of the woodwork, and the bigger scum they can be.

Some will do anything to ingrain themself with the candidate – offering to drive them around to get some face time, showing up at every rally or introducing them at campaign events.

The one thing a politician values about all else is loyalty.

If you show yourself to be loyal to them you’re halfway home.

Here’s the reality: if you lose, don’t expect them to hang around.

A former senior adviser to Mitt Romney’s campaign has aimed both barrels at some others in the campaign.

He calls it “stunning” how they tried to position for administration positions when they thought Romney would win but then turned on him as soon as he lost.

We’re surprised that Dan Senor was stunned by this.

Anyone involved in campaigns knows these people will do this.

Senor tells the story of a large Ohio rally a couple of days before the election.

He said some of the event’s major headliners were praising the candidate backstage and had begun hanging out with Romney’s transition team.

First, “headliner” means a major speaker, not an entertainment act.

Think Governor or Mayor or Senator.

They were talking about how Romney walked on water and was the best debater that ever lived.

He could do no wrong, if you were listening.

You see – they wanted a job in the White House.

Some were openly talking to the transition team about that possibility.

They said they loved the man and they were “loyal”.

Jump ahead to: Romney looses.

These same people were all over TV blaming Romney for practically everything wrong in the world.
It was amazing to watch.

That’s called distancing yourself from someone.

So, who were they?

All the ones you saw talking about how bad he was afterwards.

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