Another politician who can’t keep his pants on

27 Nov

Tennessee Republican Representative Scott Desjarlais was among the more than 350 members of Congress who won another two-year term this election.

Why do we find this interesting?

He ran his Tea Party supported campaign on being anti-abortion and pro-life.

Did we mention he’s a hypocrite?

In 2000, it turned out he had a mistress who was pregnant.

He pressured her into getting an abortion.

DesJarlais and his wife got divorced the next year – because of the whole mistress thing — and in recently released transcripts, the good doctor testified that he and his wife mutually agreed for her to have two abortions.


And yet, the voters in Tennessee’s 4th district apparently didn’t see anything wrong with saying one thing and doing another.

And maybe it was forgivable if that was the only slutty thing he did.

Turns out the he also had affairs with three patients, two co-workers and a pharmaceutical rep looking to make a sale.

The only thing missing is a partridge in a Pear tree.

The man has the morals of an alley cat.

Did we mention he beat his challenger by double-digits?

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