Romney gets slapped around

29 Nov

It’s interesting how Mitt Romney has disappeared since the election ended.

After several years campaigning almost every day, we understand the need for a break.

But at the same time you don’t just get up and leave the party without smoozing a bit as you head out the door.

Just going home can lead to something like this:

CQ Magazine has named Mitt Romney the “least influential” person of the year.

Here’s what it has to say:


Was anyone inspired by Mitt Romney? Did anyone vote enthusiastically for Mitt Romney? Of course not.

Voting for Romney is like hooking up with the last single person at the bar at 4 am.

The only successful thing he did this year was embody every black stand-up comedian’s impression of a white person.

Thank God the election’s over.

No more endless photos of Mitt staring winsomely off-camera with that attempted smile on his face.

No more glaring campaign mishaps week after week after week.

No more labored media efforts to make him look like anything other than Sheldon Adelson’s pampered money Dumpster.


Don’t blame us.
We’re just the messenger.

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