30 Nov

Soundbites-02-sized“He looked at her and got prostate cancer and quit. Giuliani just left the fight and the struggle. But quite frankly, I think Hillary Clinton was a helluva good reason to withdraw his candidacy.”

– Democrat Representative Charlie Rangel of New York on why how Hillary Clinton cleared the field in her first US Senate try, which included Rudy Giuliani

“It’s not something I’m proud of here, folks, I must be blatantly honest. Nobody would know who she is if it weren’t for me.”

– Rush Limbaugh blaming himself for Sandra Fluke being on the shortlist for Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year”

“My district number changed from 19 to 20 during this year’s redistricting process and the pledge no longer applies as it was only to the constituents under the previous district number.”

– Republican Representative Chris Gibson of New York explaining why he’s breaking his pledge not to raise taxes

“Some do it professionally. Some were entertainers. I looked down the debate stage, and half of them were probably on Fox contracts at one point in their career. You do that. You write some books. You go out and you sell some more. You get a radio gig or a TV gig out of it or something. And it’s like, you say to yourself, the barriers of entry to this game are pretty damn low.”

– Jon Huntsman on the “corrosive” Republican primary process.

“There was a time not so long ago when the problems of the Democratic Party revolved around being too liberal and too dependent on minorities. Obama turned those problems into advantages and rode that strategy to victory. But he was a charismatic African-American president with a billion dollars, no primary and a media that often felt morally conflicted about being critical. How easy is that to replicate?”

– Romney strategist Stuart Stevens in an op-ed piece

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