The bad mayor

1 Dec

Danny-Sparks-busted-sizedSmall towns have their share of problems too.

Who would have thought that the Mayor was a dope dealer?

Olive Hill, Kentucky has 1,600 people.

Small town America where not much goes on.

The Mayor’s job is mostly ceremonial, so the guy apparently needs some outside employment.

Mayor Danny Sparks has been busted for dealing dope in the parking lot of the elementary school.

Sparks says it was a simple one time stupid mistake.

The police say they have been investigating him for weeks.

Regardless, it’s a felony and he is was hauled off to the slammer and quickly resigned.

He issued this statement:

“I hope that everyone will understand that I have always tried to do the very best for Olive Hill and hope that the people will understand that I will always try to continue to help in any way possible to better this City regardless of what position I may serve.”

If selling marijuana to elementary school students is the very best he can do, we doubt anyone is all that impressed with his offer to continue to help their town.

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