Hookers, golf carts and the Florida GOP

3 Dec

jim-greer-sizedFlorida is known for quite a few things:

Cape Canaveral.
Lots of old people.
Little Havana.
Can’t run an election without messing up.

Let’s add another one:

A golf cart full of prostitutes.

And mix in the Florida Republican Party.

Sounds like a swell story except a Florida court is blocking the release of investigative reports on all this.

The whole thing revolves around a 2009 party in the Bahamas sponsored by the Republican Party of Florida when Jim Greer was chairman.

Greer is facing trial in February for allegedly defrauding the party of about $200,000.

Reports of the party and prostitutes came up during a pretrial hearing a few months ago.

First, an Orlando Judge said those reports would public record in July after a lawyer tried to seal them because he said he wanted to spare his clients from being embarrassed.

On top of that – the attorney would not identify the clients who wanted it buried and then appealed the decision.

Now, in a brief unsigned opinion three Fifth District Court of Appeal judges say “the documents should not be disseminated and should remain confidential at this time.”

One person who was Greer’s top assistant has been granted immunity in return for his testimony against Greer.

In a deposition released last month, the guy said prosecutors asked him about the Bahamas event – and he described a golf cart filled with women he presumed to be prostitutes.

Other witnesses questioned in the Greer investigation say the former GOP chairman often had parties for men only and refused to allow women unless they were “paid.”

The party supposedly was designed to thank about 100 donors who helped support a property tax amendment the party supported.

We know, this is all such a tease, but it will eventually come out.

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