What tourists don’t see

10 Dec

Kaaawa-siren-sizedIan Lind had an article yesterday that grabbed our attention.

Mostly because this is something we were involved with for years – getting things fixed in the city.

He took this picture in front of the Kaaawa Fire Station.

What’s hanging there is a small woop-woop siren.

It goes off (with the light above it) when a fire truck is leaving the station to respond to a call.

It’s so old and rusted that it simply fell out of its bracket and obviously doesn’t work anymore.

Almost a symbol of many other things around Honolulu.

So – why hasn’t it been fixed or removed if no longer needed?

It can be as simple as no one reported it.

The City doesn’t have people driving around looking for thing that need fixing.

It depends on someone calling in.

It could be the priority is so low it’ll never get to the top of the list because more important things keep coming in.

It could be there’s no money to dispatch a truck and crew because times are tight and maintainance money is always the first thing to go.

Look at our parks.

It could be it simply fell through the cracks.

You can be assured it will be fixed or removed now.

Ian’s blog is read by people in the city administration and this is embarrassing.

The are systems in the city to report and follow-up on things like potholes, broken lights, abandoned cars and so on.

If the report is made through the Office of Information and Complaint, their staff will bug people until it’s done.

Even then it could take months, because of funding or other priorities, and there’s no real penalty for not following through – unless it’s publicized like now.

How the city looks reflects the priorities of the sitting Mayor.

He or she sets the tone on what is to be fixed first.

Almost all focus is on Waikiki, followed by other highly visible spots and then who is squawking the most.

The simple truth is the city can’t fix everything.

There’s too much broken and not enough people and money to repair it all.

We’ll give them a pass on this one – mostly because it’ll be fixed soon.

Photo: Ian Lind

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