Welcome to Washington – now shut up

12 Dec

John-Boehner-06-sizedIn politics, you do your own thing at your own peril.

A lot of Republicans rode into the House two years ago – flush with victory and the backing of the Tea Party.

They were there to bring conservatism back to Congress and save the nation.

Or so they thought.

They fought House Speaker John Boehner and they’re paying for it.

It’s a beginning of a bloodbath and a valuable lesson for first term Representatives.

You toe the line or you’ll never get anything done.

Boehner had his hands full dealing with the White House without having to fight off his own House members.

He can’t fire them from their elected positions, but he can make sure they are marginalized so they can’t do anything.

The three freshmen have been removed from their committee assignments and they are blaming Boehner for it.

Apparently they still haven’t learned to keep their opinions to themselves.

Republicans Tim Huelskamp of Kansas, Justin Amash of Michigan and David Schweikert of Arizona want Boehner to release the criteria the Steering Committee used in their removal, saying they believed a vote scorecard was used to judge their voting record.

As you can imagine, Boehner says there’s no scorecard or any other single criteria used to determine committee assignments.

If they wanted more information, he told them to go talk to the committee.

Here’s what really happened:

They lost their committee assignments for undermining the Republican leadership or working against their colleagues.

In simple language – they got booted for not toeing the line and being good soldiers.

We’ve said this before – no first term elected official will get anything done.

You’re expected to be quiet and play nice.

You do that for a couple of years, maybe – just maybe – you can get a bill or two passed.

Power in the House or Senate comes from who you know, who you work with and how long you’ve been there.

If you make waves you’ll find yourself in a small desk in the basement with no phone.

You won’t need one because no one will call you.

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