Weekend extra

15 Dec

The Star Wars Holiday Special.

Never heard of it?

It happened and it revolved around a holiday called “Life Day” which is a sort of intergalactic version of Thanksgiving.
Or something.

The reason almost no one has seen it because it was never released on home video, it was so bad.

It aired on CBS on November 17, 1978.
Ever since then, everyone involved has been trying to forget about it, destroy it, or at least deny that they did it willingly.

We have found some bits and pieces to share with you.
This is so bad we had hesitated to let you see it.

We begin with what appears to be the show’s open.

Then, here are some bits and pieces from the special including parts from the beginning, and some sort of space battle, followed by Wookiees cooking and making strangled barking noises, a weird videophone thing and a music video.

It’s really quite a mess.

If you are a Star Wars fan, this belongs with the part of Jar-Jar Blinks.
In a trash can.

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