Dan Inouye – aloha

17 Dec

Inoye and neg adsWe are stunned, and a hole has been ripped in our hearts.

Everyone called him Dan, and he’s gone.

We’ve known Dan Inouye since we were kids and can’t fathom what it will be like without him.

One of the most powerful Senator’s in Congress, he was also the greatest protector of Hawaii.

We won’t even get into the political side of the Senate with both him and Dan Akaka gone.

Inouye died today after suffering respiratory problems.

No real details have been released but statements from his office over the past few days were not comforting.

One, a couple of days ago, said he was remained “stable” and had been able to communicate with family.

Reading between the lines painted a sad picture.

Dan kept the local Democratic Party in line and on track and spoke out strongly against negatives ads from those like Mufi Hannemann.

If Inouye didn’t bless something it probably wouldn’t happen.

A decent and kind man – we will miss him, as will much of Hawaii.

According to his office, Inouye’s last word was “Aloha.”

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