How ya feeling right now?

17 Dec

brenda-star-sizedWe waited for it to come – and sadly, we weren’t wrong.

At a press briefing held by Connecticut police over the weekend, they pleaded with reporters to respect the privacy of grieving families of the Stoney Hook students.

The media pressure to get a story is so high that officers have now been assigned to the families to protect them from the press.

One thing we hated about being a reporter was getting the assignment to be the first on the scene of some tragedy.

The young reporters are the ones that shove a microphone in a victim’s face and ask, “How do you feel?”

Older, wiser and more experienced reporters don’t ask such an obvious, stupid and painful question.

The young ones will learn after they’ve hurt enough people who are already in deep pain.

But what does it say about the nature of the media that police now have to protect parents who just lost their grade-school aged child in a horrific massacre.

Precious police resources are being spent to protect parents from the stupidity of the young reporter and the pressure from the producer to get “something” before anyone else.

It’s a given that the major network news organizations are already trying to score the “big get” for their anchors.

What an exclusive – grieving parents on TV to give the networks what they crave.

And the viewer buys in to it, hanging on every word when it happens.

Don’t blame the press.
It’s simply giving you what you want.

We can already hear the anchor or reporter asking a parent who has just lost their little daughter, “What do you say to those who refused to enact stricter gun control laws, knowing that they stood in the way of regulations that could have saved your child?”

There’s a leading question that hangs the reporter’s bias out there for all to see..
Someone will ask it – and worse.

Get ready, it’s coming.

The profound grief these parents are experiencing will not stand in the way of a good story.

Sometimes we hated our job.

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