The race for Inouye’s seat

21 Dec

Hanabusa-and-HironoIt’s always sad when someone beloved as Dan Inouye dies.

Even Hawaii’s politicians are forced to take a few days off from their self-centeredness.

Time is up, let the scramble begin.

Representative Mazie Hirono (on the right) was supposed to be Hawaii’s first female senator, and the first Asian-American woman and Buddhist.
Lots of firsts.

That probably will not happen.

The death of Dan Inouye has created the possibility of a quick, lame-duck appointment and swearing-in of fellow Democratic Representative Colleen Hanabusa (on the left).

You see, Dan wrote Governor Neil Abercrombie that it was his dying wish that Hanabusa replace him.

So, if the Democratic Party gets the required three names to the Governor quickly, and if Abercrombie picks Hanabusa quickly and appoints her quickly — she could be sworn in before Hirono and the other elected freshmen scheduled to take the oath on January 3rd.

End result – Hanabusa becomes the senior senator from Hawaii and seniority over all those freshmen to follow, including Hirono.

Pecking order is a big thing to a politician, so you can imagine how the infinitely ambitious Hirono might react.

Hirono’s allies are already lobbying top Hawaii Democratic Party officials to ensure the “appointed” senator is sworn in on the same day as the duly elected one as a matter of basic fairness.

We seriously wonder if these people know much about “fairness”, but we’ll continue.

You see, if Hanabusa doesn’t get sworn in until January 3rd with everyone else, then Hirono – who was elected to succeed retiring Senator Daniel Akaka- would be the senior senator from Hawaii since she’s served longer in the House.

This may come as a surprise, but life isn’t fair, shit happens, things change.

Hirono doesn’t want to be the Junior Senator from Hawaii – simple as that.

This has nothing to do with the people’s business or just being glad of joining the so-called most exclusive club in the world.

The relationship between Hanabusa and Hirono is already a bad one.

One Democrat says Hanabusa and Hirono run into each other on the Hill, they barely acknowledge each other.

We know them both and our opinion is it’s not Hanabusa being the stuck-up one.

We can expect to see all sorts of politicians applying to put their name on that three-person list going to the Governor.

Then there’s all the people who will jump in the race to fill Hanabusa’s empty house seat if she’s appointed to the Senate.

How about Linda Lingle, Ed Case and – maybe – Mufi Hannemann going for a third defeat?

Political ambition trumps everything as Hirono has proven throughout her career.

In the end, we have no doubt Hanabusa will be chosen.
No one dares going against Dan Inouye.

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