Oceanic is grabbing your wallet

22 Dec

Cable-Modem-sizedOceanic Time-Warner provides the TV cable and Internet connection for a lot of people in Hawaii.

That’s where Road Runner comes from.

Merry Christmas – the price is about to go up.

Up until now, when you had Internet service, the monthly cost included that cable modem you use to connect to the internet.

No more.

Like an airline charging you for checking a bag, Oceanic is going to tap you a $3.95 “modem lease fee” beginning next month.

But you say, “Isn’t that part of the service since I need it to connect to the Internet?”

Yes, for now.

No, starting next month.

On the mainland, people have had the right to purchase their own modems for several years and use it instead of the leased modem.

Here in Hawaii, because the system was different, you didn’t have that opportunity so they didn’t charge you for the modem.

That’s been fixed – you can now buy your own – so they can charge you for the one they gave you.

So, how many will fork over $60 or more to go to Best Buy or an on-line store to buy one and go through the routine of registering and replacing their Oceanic modem?

Very few, and if you’re not one of them, your bill goes up $47 a year.

We will tell you we replaced Oceanic’s modem with one we bought last week and it’s painless and just a few minutes on the phone with their nice customer service people.

You should do it too.

If you don’t – Happy New Year.

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