Political musical chairs

26 Dec

pick-me-sizedToday, leaders in the state’s Democratic Party are meeting to pick three people – one of whom will finish the Senate term of Dan Inouye.

Those names will go to Governor Neil Abercrombie and he’ll appoint one of them to the job.

You can imagine the backroom dealing going on.

The winner becomes the “senior Senator” from Hawaii because he or she will be in office before the new Congress is sworn in January 3rd.

Next to being president, becoming a senator is the highest prize in politics.

And just to stir the pot a bit, Inouye sent a letter to Abercrombie before he died, asking the Representative Colleen Hanabusa be given the position.

And we should point out – the Governor didn’t speak about the letter’s contents (and request) until Senator Inouye’s office released it.

Adding more pressure – Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is asking the Governor to appoint a successor before the new year so the state is “fully represented” for a possible vote to avert the fiscal cliff.

If the Governor delays, newly elected Senator Mazie Hirono would be #1 by virtue of her time in the House.

Meanwhile, just about all the usual run-for-anything suspects have tossed their names into the hat, including Ed Case, who keeps running into the wall of his unpopularity with his own party.

About the only name missing (so far) is former Mayor Mufi Hannemann, who has suffered two massive defeats recently while running for office.

But Hannemann has been very public the past few days with praise of Inouye – which is interesting, especially after Inouye very publicly took Hannemann behind the woodshed for his negative campaigning during the last election.

One person lining up for the job bothers us.

Tulsi Gabbard, who won the House seat for the 2nd District, hasn’t even been sworn into office.

Yet, she’s put her name in to be considered for Inouye’s seat.

We’re flabbergasted by this.

What’s more – she reasons that as a war veteran she has the experience to fill Inouye’s shoes.

The lady needs to take a deep breath and go do the job she was elected for and get some time in office to prove her political chops…and common sense.

We find the whole thing rather tasteless and don’t understand how she would think this could be perceived as a good ides.

It isn’t.

Meanwhile, back to Hirono, who has made a political career out of running for just about any office, and then cruising until she runs again.

There are reports that party officials, on her behalf, are asking Governor Abercrombie to delay the appointment until January 3rd so all members are sworn in at the same time as a matter of “fairness”.

If that actually happened, it would make Hirono senior Senator from Hawaii and Fiscal Cliff be damned.

Some much for the Party’s priorities.

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