The final three

26 Dec

Hanabua-Schatz-Kiaaina-sizedHawaii Democrats got together this morning and came up with a list of three candidates to replace Dan Inouye in the Senate.

It now goes to Governor Neil Abercrombie who appoints one of them.

Here’s the list:

Representative Colleen Hanabusa
Lt. Governor Brian Schatz
State Department of Land and Natural Resources deputy director Esther Kia’aina

A couple of names missing from the list were really no surprise.

Ed Case didn’t stand a chance.

His name is mud with the Democratic Party ever since he ran against beloved Dan Akaka years ago.
That has to go down as one of the worst decisions made by a politician, ever.

Tulsi Garrard also didn’t stand a chance and may have stepped on a few toes throwing her name into the hat.

The former City Council member won the election to replace retiring Akaka, and then submitted her name for consideration before she was sworn into the job she was elected to.
That was another real bad political decision.

So, we have Colleen Hanabusa, hand-picked by Inouye to replace him.

Brian Schatz who probably knows he hasn’t a shot at governor down the road.

Ester Kia’aina, who did fairly well in her run for Congress in the last election, but turned off too many with a strident and forceful attitude.

Hanabusa released a video message from Washington.

We wonder when that was taped – where she was careful to take the high road, essentially saying it’s the Governor’s call.

Then there’s Schatz who thinks the best thing he has going for him is he’s young and can build up seniority if he stays in office for dozens of years.
At least he’s honest about wanting a life-long job.

Ka’aina apparently said nothing, which may have been the smartest move of all.

In the wings but affecting all this is Mazie Hirono who won Akaka’s seat in the Senate.

She wants badly to be Senior Senator from Hawaii, and would be if everyone were sworn in together on January 3rd.

The Governor is well aware of that – having been reminded many times by Hirono’s supporters.

On the other end of the table is Senate Majority leader Harry Reid, who’s telling Abercrombie to get someone on board now.

He needs the votes for the fiscal cliff talks stuttering their way along.

We speculate Abercrombie will pick Hanabusa and she will be sworn in tomorrow or Friday.

Sometimes going with the flow is the best thing to do.

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