The dumbing down of the GOP

27 Dec

republican-party03-sizedThe self-destruction of the Republican Party is gathering steam.

The modern-day tea party activists are giggling with glee over the Republican revolt in Washington that embarrassed House Speaker John Boehner and pushed the country closer to a fiscal cliff.

The Greater Boston Tea Party, where the movement started, says sometimes things have to get a lot worse before they get better.

You can count on it happening if the tea-baggers get their way.

Anti-tax conservatives are lining up in agreement.

As crazy as this sounds, interviews with activists all over the country show them saying they would rather the nation go over the cliff than agree to a compromise that includes tax increases for any Americans, no matter how high their income.

Even worse, they say they don’t believe the automatic tax increases and spending cuts beginning January 1st could trigger a recession.

There’s more – they are ignoring the fact that most people will see taxes increases if no agreement is reached.

This split between the conservatives and mainstream Republicans underline the challenge that President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner have in trying to get a deal done.

The GOP is rapidly falling apart as a political organization.

This infighting weakens the entire Republican Party because there no longer is a Republican majority.

What we are witnessing is the dumbing down of the Republican Party and you will see it more and more as a bunch of extremists stop rank-and-file Republicans from supporting policies the party is putting forward.

What’s at the end of this road?

If you’re not a governing majority, you’re not going to be a majority very long.

Even that doesn’t seem to bother some in the Tea Party.

They see the failure to come up with a plan as a victory for anti-tax conservatives and a setback for Obama, just weeks after he won re-election on a promise to cut the deficit in part by raising taxes on incomes exceeding $250,000.

They say let’s go over the cliff and see what’s on the other side.

What’s on the other side are tax increases for most Americans, not just the top earners, though that point seemed lost on them.

And it’s not just activists in the Tea Party saying this.

In conservative states like South Carolina and Louisiana, Republican Party leaders are pushing members of their congressional delegations to fight any deal that includes tax increases.

South Carolina GOP Chairman Chad Connelly, “If it takes us going off a cliff to convince people we’re in a mess, then so be it. We have a president who is a whiner. He has done nothing but blame President Bush. It’s time to make President Obama own this economy.”

It’s the same thing from Louisiana and New Hampshire.

If there’s a bright side – it’s opposition to compromise with the President does not reflect the view of most Americans, according to recent public opinion polls.

One survey this month found that 81 percent of adults want Republicans in Congress to compromise in the current budget negotiations to get a deal done rather than “stick to their positions even if it means not coming to an agreement.”

The vast majority of Republicans and independent voters agreed.

Overall, half say they blame Republicans more than Obama and the Democrats for the dysfunctional Congress.

Only 25-percent blame the Democrats and 21 percent said both were responsible.

So why do we keep putting the same people back in office?

It’s simple – people who watch all this and shake their head have largely given up on the political system and don’t bother to vote.

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