Cliff notes

28 Dec

fiscal-cliff-sizedIt’s the same old tired song, with a few different words.

The same movie with some different actors.

The same old thing, painted a different color.

The Washington talk in the looming fiscal cliff is the same as it was yesterday.
And the day before that.
And the day before that.

There’s no progress on the negotiations and Senate leaders Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell look to be spending the weekend throwing the same stink bombs at each other as they did before the Christmas break.

Reid’s blasting House Speaker John Boehner for ruling the House by “dictatorship” and failing to bring compromise measures backed by Democrats to a vote.

The doesn’t make much sense.
A dictator gets what he wants.

Boehner’s Republicans refused to go along with him and left him dangling.

Some dictator.

McConnell shoots back slamming Democrats for come up with something that would get support from Republicans.

That doesn’t make much sense either.

If the Democrats are supposed to give the Republicans what would make them happy, why bother to talk?

Boehner has called the House back for Sunday.

What will happen is probably – nothing – but then he can say we’re ready, how come the Democrats aren’t?

It’s theater of the absurd.

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