Fox takes a dump

2 Jan

Fox-News-logo-sizedWe sure are scratching our heads over this.

Either a large portion of the country got some common sense for Christmas or it’s magic.

Fox News has taken a post-election ratings hit.

Yup, starting the year off with some good news.

The New York Daily News says that Fox News host Sean Hannity lost around half of his audience in the weeks after the election, while his Fox News colleague Bill O’Reilly lost about 30 percent.

In case you don’t watch these guys – they are about as conservative as you can get.

The show “Hannity” came in with 1.9 million viewers.
That’s a drop from 3.6 million before the election.

Ratings for “The O’Reilly Factor” sank from 4.1 million in the week before the election to 3 million just three weeks later.

To be fair, the loss for both Hannity and O’Reilly bring them back to the ratings they had prior to the Republican National Convention.

And how about the liberals?

MSNBC, the cable news network people accuse of being left-wing, has been much more successful at keeping its viewers since the election, especially with those between 25 and 54.
Sorry, no hard numbers for it were released.

We’d sure like to hear some theories on why all this happened.

Conservatives don’t just change their mind and decide to be something else.

Than again…


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