Chris Christie is pissed

3 Jan

Ortley-Beach-New-Jersey-Houses-damaged-by-hurricane-Sandy-sizedOne thing about Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie – he speaks his mind.

Guys like that are a terror to work for but fun to watch.

It’s been almost 70 days since Hurricane Sandy devastated parts of the East Coast.

House Republicans pulled the plug Tuesday night on their promise to take up an emergency supplemental disaster aid bill for states damaged by Sandy.

The bill was all set for debate under a strategy by no less than Majority Leader Eric Cantor.

At the last-minute the bill was taken off the agenda and now it’s up to the next session of Congress to deal with it.

Most interesting: Democratic and Republican members from states hit by the storm took to the floor after the fiscal cliff vote to protest the decision.

When a motion to adjourn for the night was put forth, the nos far outnumbered the ayes, but the presiding member adjourned anyway.

So, New Jersey Governor Christie absolutely unloaded on House Republicans.
He starts giving them hell about 2:10.

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