Morning distraction

16 Jan

We know we plug-in a lot of crap about car wrecks and people doing stupid things, but it hard to find the stuff that can be uplifting and leave you with a warm feeling.

This is one, and we wish we had more to share.

Spain is in the middle of prolonged and devastating financial crisis.

Its economy lost roughly 800,000 jobs last year, more than half of under 25-year-olds are unemployed, and the total unemployment rate is at 26 percent and growing.

So you can imagine how bleak and hopeless people waiting (and working) in one of their unemployment offices might feel.

A program on Spanish radio, decided to do something to help.
They organized a small flashmob to perform and sing The Beatles’ “Here Comes the Sun” for one of the unemployment offices in Madrid.

The result is wonderful to see.

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