Staying home and pouting

22 Jan

mitt-romney-10-sizedSo where was Mitt?

It’s considered the right thing to do.

You may have lost but you still show up to wish the other guy well.

Unless you’re Mitt Romney.

The former Republican presidential contender spent Inauguration Day lounging around one of his homes in La Jolla, California.

You might remember Romney’s son telling The Boston Globe in December that his father was never really all that into winning the nation’s highest office anyway.

It makes us wonder why he bothered to run.

This is first time since 1997 that a presidential runner-up didn’t attend his opponent’s inauguration ceremony.

All Romney aides would say was he had no major plans for the day and wasn’t planning to watch any of it on TV.

Sour grapes and probably a good thing he didn’t win.

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