No work, no pay

23 Jan

no-paycheck-sizedWe’re sneaking one in – sick or not – just cause it’s so stupid.

The House had scheduled a vote on HR 273 for later today.

“Had” because its put it off and instead act on legislation that would withhold congressional pay if lawmakers fail to pass a budget in the next few months.

It’s the so-called No-Budget-No Pay bill.

If passed it would authorize a temporary suspension of the current debt limit of $16.4 trillion through May 18th.

This allows the government to continue borrowing to pay its obligations until then.

Here’s the interesting part:
A provision in the legislation would stop lawmakers from getting paid if Congress fails to pass a budget by April 15th.

Their salaries would be held in escrow until lawmakers passed a budget.

If Congress still hasn’t done it, then salaries would resume in January 2015, the end of the current congressional session.

Of course the country would be ruined by then.

Also, most of these people have a lot of money in the bank and missing some paycheck’s isn’t going to hurt them like it would the average American.

Not much of a threat.

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