Romney had no fire

28 Jan

Fire-in-the-belly02-sizedThere’s a term in politics called having a “fire in the belly”.

The best translation is it’s a burning desire to run for public office.

We caution that’s not the same as having a burning desire to be in public service – it’s run for office.

In a majority of cases, it’s the people who have little self-awareness and insight who get the fire.

Smart people with insight understand it’s a lousy job with endless hours of shaking hands, making no-nothing speeches and getting little sleep.

A daily process that can go on for months, and in some major political races like president, even years.

Still, a few good people – and a lot of ego-hungry ones – are driven by this fire in the belly.

And you need it for it provides the energy to keep going – no matter what.

The cost for running for major office on you, your family and your staff is extraordinary.

Not in treasure but from your soul, your health and your humanity.

Nobody comes out the other end unscathed and healthier.

But it’s the only way to feed the fire.

Without the fire and the passion, you would stumble from day-to-day, growing to hate the process and what you must do to reach that brass ring.

And after you win it feeds the passion and energy to fight for what you believe, day in and out.

Mitt Romney never had the fire.

Maybe it was because he was rich and things came easy.

Maybe he was talked into running for political office, or felt an obligation.

Maybe he was caught up in the moment in the beginning.

Maybe he has no self-awareness and insight.

But he had no fire in the belly.

He admitted as much when he spoke before a hundred people last Friday.

He said he would help other candidates in the future, but his “ambition for elected office has ended”.

If the fire was ever there it does not ever go away.

You can beat it back for a bit but it will remain, slowly eating at you to get back in the fray for it must be fed.

Romney never had it.

For that he lost.
And for that it was a good he did.

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