It’s not about Ann

4 Feb

political-hats-sizedIt’s not about the best person for the job – it’s about who can win.

This is not about Ann Romney.

This is about why a political party tries to get certain people to run for office.

In Massachusetts,  Republicans are scrambling to find a strong Senate candidate to replace Scott Brown.

Brown’s quitting politics saying he was too tired of the bickering on Capitol Hill to make a third try for the Senate.

Looking around, some are trying to persuade Mitt Romney’s wife or son to jump into the race to avert another electoral disaster.

Neither is interested but that’s not stopping them from trying.

Can anyone see her doing a good job as a Senator?

They don’t care about that.

Ann Romney’s fight against multiple sclerosis and her success on the GOP convention stage made her a popular national figure, especially among women voters in Massachusetts.

No one is saying she’d be great at the job, they’re saying she “could win”.

The hunt is on as the Republican Party is running out of time to find someone who could raise enough money and collect enough signatures to get on the ballot.

This is how political parties pick a candidate to support.

Who can win?

Once they get into office the party in Congress will be telling them what to do anyway, so they are just looking for someone who can win to increase the number of votes available.

And this is why Congress is so dysfunctional.

We don’t end up with elected officials trying to do the best they can to represent their constituents and what’s best for the country.

We end uo with two political party’s locked in to disagreement like two drunks at a party.

That never ends well.

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