Some just never learn

4 Feb

Rick-Sheehy-sizedThe Republican Lt. Governor of Nebraska has called it quits – over a bunch of phone calls.

There’s more to come on this we’re sure.

Rick Sheehy, showing the “look“, quit over the weekend after the World-Herald newspaper starting asking questions about some phone calls he made.

Well, more than “some”.

The paper says there were more than two-thousand calls on his state-owned cell phone to at least four women.

State-owned phone.
The kind where lots of people see the records of where you call and for how long.

Many of them supposedly long conversations in the wee hours of the night.

A former small town Mayor in Nebraska, he’s been the Lt. Governor for almost 8 years and was expected to run for the big office himself.

The calls were over the past four years.

Then add this – his wife divorced him last year.

Mix the two together and get what you want.

What we get is a man looking for a date.

Nothing, except they probably were personal calls on a state phone (that’s a no-no) and he was married at the time.

We’re sure it won’t be long before all the folks that were at the other end will appear on Oprah.

The Governor won’t say why Sheehy had quit other than it involved “personal decisions” made by his lieutenant governor.

Sometimes people get run out-of-town over something small – sometimes it’s something big.

We’ll have to wait and see which way this goes.

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