Now this is interesting

5 Feb

Janet-Napolitano-sizedThe Washington Post is suggesting that Janet Napolitano might be interested in running for the White House in four years.

This is a dumb enough idea to be true.

This is all assuming Hillary Clinton doesn’t run in 2016.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is supposedly quietly making it known that she is considering the race.

This is known as “testing the waters”, knowing full well it’ll leak and people will make their comments.

From that she can see what her chances might be.

May we help?


Here’s why – running for the White House from a cabinet position is not an easy thing to do.

Only Herbert Hoover did it back in 1928.

Then, she is the face of the TSA, one of the most hated government agencies because of its procedures at airports.

Yes, they are necessary but people think cavity searches, crotch grabbing, boob touching and tramatizing young kids should be done to other people and not them.

If she actually ran for president, it would be scary but so interesting to watch.

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