Making the list

7 Feb

National_Rifle_Association-sizedThere’s an old saying:
The best defense is a good offense.

Tempered with some good judgement, of course.

We pick no sides in this post concerning Gun Control vs. Second Amendment, although we certainly have our opinions.

Since the elementary school massacre in Connecticut, the National Rifle Association has come out with its own guns blazing.

It’s going after President Obama and any other lawmaker, group or person that wants to increase the country’s gun laws.

And it’s not doing it gently.

Just like Richard Nixon, the NRA has an enemies list.

Damn near everything in the world is on it.

To us, the list shows an organization that has become hermetically sealed from society at large, so caught up in conservative debates that it has forgotten how to connect with Main Street America.

Speak out once on gun control – you’re on this list.

People like Boyz II Men, Sean Connery, Geraldo Rivera, Doug Flutie, Barry Manilow, and Sting.

Then there’s the Kansas City Chiefs, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Hallmark, Sprint, and Time Warner.


Guess who’s not on it:
Fox News.

Take a look at the list yourself.

Maybe you’re on it.

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