Buying your way in

8 Feb

rick-scott-04-sizedRepublican Rick Scott is the Governor of Florida.

He is deeply unpopular in that state – but he plans to run for re-election anyway.

His plan for victory?

The most expensive reelection campaign in state history: $100 million.

Nothing like buying your way in.

The guy has the money.

In 2010 he threw in $73 million of his own money and was rewarded with a narrow win in the general election.

His plan is to copy President Barack Obama’s success in targeting and turning out state voters — and that will be expensive.

This could make the 2014 Florida governor’s race one of the costliest gubernatorial races national history.

The most expensive non-presidential election so far is the 2010 California governor’s race, in which Meg Whitman spent more than $143 million of her own money only to lose to Democrat Jerry Brown.

One always has to wonder why someone would spend that amount of money to keep a job where no one likes him or how he’s doing it.

Even his dog didn’t like him.

A December poll put his approval rating at just 36 percent.

Another survey last month put that number lower, at 33 percent.

After pushing deep budget cuts during his first two years in office, Scott now says he wants to increase teacher salaries and give bonuses to other public employees — a move aimed at getting votes from his biggest critics.

The danger for him is – you reach a point where it doesn’t matter how much money you’re spending if voters have already decided.

The reality for Scott is, there’s a distinct possibility that voters have already decided.

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