Capitalism at work

15 Feb

office-grump-sizedAnd now a word or two from the office grump…

Just thinking about something while stuck forever at a red light, looking at a gas station across the street.

That’s station’s price of gas has been going up about a penny or more every day.

Remember not too long ago when gas actually went down and the gas station people said they couldn’t drop the price immediately because they bought that gas at the higher price?

After all, they would be losing money and that wouldn’t be right.

Fair enough.

But the price is going up, and that gasoline in the underground tanks was bought at a lower price.

So here we are – it’s not fair to sell gas at a lower price when it was purchased earlier when it was more expensive.

Yet, it seems to be okay to sell it at a higher price when it was purchased cheaper.

What’s wrong with this picture?

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