The tea party is killing the GOP

15 Feb

mad_hatter_sizedWe honestly don’t set out to pick on Republicans.

Democrats are almost as flaky.

But every time we visit our usual haunts, it is members of the GOP who are usually getting caught with a girlfriend or putting one or both feet in their mouth.

We love that stuff, so it is what it is.

We look this morning at that most Republican of groups – the Tea Party.

It’s falling on hard times.

The original Tea Party movement was anti-establishment, anti-big government, pro-civil rights and anti-war, and started by Ron Paul supporters in 2007.

But then main-stream Republicans jumped in and replaced it with little more than a corporate, pro-Republican, money-raising racket which stood for little more than opposing anything and anybody with a “D” next to their name.

The GOP turned into a group with no real principles to stand on, other than electing people who weren’t Democrats, as well as defeating anybody who dared even work with anybody who happened to be a Democrat.

It’s all come back to roost.

So-called “Tea Party” groups seem to be running away from the “Tea Party” name in places like Florida.

The South Florida Tea Party is changing its name to the National Liberty Federation.

This is actually a big deal because the South Florida Tea Party was one of the bigger and better-organized outfits.

The Tea Party’s popularity, and its name brand, is dropping like a rock along with the fortunes of the congressional Republican Party.

Even right-wing pollsters are finding that support for the Tea Party movement is cratering.

Rasmussen, that favorite polling firm of Republican conservatives, found in a survey this month that only 8 percent of voters identify themselves as Tea Party members, down from a high of 24 percent shortly after passage of the federal health care law in 2010.

As the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll says, 49 percent of Americans view the GOP negatively, compared to only 26 percent positively.

Who knows how accurate that is, but it does support what Republican polls are finding.

The Tea Party, under control of the GOP, shifted far to the right, allowing the Democratic Party to suck up all of the “reasonable” positions.

With the Democratic Party, taking “the center”, it now has no real need to pander to its progressive base.

With no appealing and reasonable Republican to change the balance of the game, all of this is likely to continue getting far worse for the GOP, and the country along with it, before any of it gets better.

Want some more tea?

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