“Like” your way to trouble

19 Feb

Charles-Mainor-Big-Booty-Freaks-sizedWe probably don’t need to explain how Facebook works.

You “like” something and it follows you forever and tells the world.

Apparently Democrat Jersey City Assemblyman Charles Mainor missed that last point.

Once again he’s in hot water over his Facebook page, with “likes” such as Big Bootie Freaks, a Facebook page of ladies of extraordinary bottoms.

He also likes an assault page that consists of videos of people beating people up.

People can like what they want.

But if you’re a politician and a cop (which he is) you’re going to get blasted for telling the world.

Mainor made headlines last year when he used Facebook to call the Philadelphia Eagles “gaybirds” and the Dallas Cowboys “cowgirls”.

He first said he doesn’t use Facebook anymore since that incident, and denied liking either of the two pages.

“I doubt very strongly that I would do something like that. I don’t do Facebook.”

A couple of hours later he changed his story saying his daughter reminded him that she showed him the page and that he liked it so he could return to it later.

He said he planned to un-like the page as soon as his daughter shows him how.

He should know this Facebook stuff will bite him in the end.

Photo: It’s a composite.

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