Who ya gonna blame

20 Feb

donkey-vs-elephant-sizedWith 9 days to go until billions in automatic budget cuts kick in and all hell breaks loose, Washington decided to pay some more lip service to stopping the sequester.

Senator’s Bowles and Simpson did their bipartisan-solution thing yesterday.

President Obama trotted out first responders and blamed Republicans for putting rich folks’ tax breaks above everyday heroes.

Republicans continued to blame Obama for coming up with the sequester idea in the first place.

None of it changed a thing.

When these cuts go into effect and start cutting services and programs — and there’s no sign yet that they won’t — people aren’t going to point the finger at any one specific person or group.

They’re going to be indiscriminately angry.

Public wrath might just be the only thing that can forge a bipartisan solution.

Because nothing brings adversaries together like shared pain.

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