Living high and getting caught

21 Feb

Jessie-Jackson-Jr-02-sizedFormer Democratic Representative Jesse Jackson Jr. showed up in court.

He pleaded guilty to a conspiracy to siphon about $750,000 in federal campaign funds for his and his wife’s personal use.

He’s facing up to four years in prison.

Here’s the shopping list according to prosecutors:

About 3,100 personal purchases were made on campaign credit cards, totaling $582,772.58.
That included a $40,000 Rolex watch.

$60,000 was spent on restaurants, nightclubs and lounges

$31,700 on personal airfare

$16,000 on sports clubs and lounges

$17,000 on tobacco shops

$5,800 on alcohol

$14,500 on dry cleaning

$8,000 on grocery stores

$6,000 at drug stores

In one of the more exotic purchases, Jackson used campaign funds in the spring of 2011 to pay a taxidermist in Montana $7,058.

He bought two mounted elk heads to be shipped to his office in Washington.

That’s when the FBI investigation started.

Say goodnight, Dick

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