Jindal dipping another toe

22 Feb

bobby-jindal03-sizedA little over two years ago we wrote about Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal maybe running for president.

Our timing was off – but we still think we’re right.

The Republican is laying the groundwork for a likely presidential run — and using his state as a testing ground for policies that appeal to national conservatives.

He’s passed a sweeping school voucher plan, saying no to the Medicaid expansion in Obamacare and says he might scrap the state’s income tax.

What got us off base before – and still does to a certain extent – it’s hard to tell where his governing ends and his presidential ambitions begin.

Just about everyone in his state say Jindal’s running for president — it’s just an accepted fact.

The key thing is his new, and bold, policy proposals in Louisiana are coming at the same time he’s raising his profile nationally.

He has a new position as head of the Republican Governors Association and he frequently comments on the future of the Republican Party.

He shook up a lot of people when he said last month the GOP needs to “stop being the stupid party.”

After first getting elected six years ago, his policy agenda has been relatively tame.

But after following his re-election Jindal has been bolder about proposing larger-scale legislation, much of which has drawn national attention.

He certainly got everyone’s attention when he announced he wants to eliminate the state income tax.

The details have not been released – that that’ll be coming.

These are the actions of someone looking toward the 2016 presidential race.

To be taken as a serious contender, he needs some things to point to that find popular support.

Cutting taxes is always a good one.

The question remains: does he really wants to do something or if he just wants the headline that he tried to do it, worked really hard and these nasty tax-raising Democrats foiled him.

And he hasn’t been that successful up to now.

Jindal’s education reforms ended up on the rocks when state courts ruled unconstitutional parts of both pieces of legislation.

As for the Medicaid expansion, Jindal has rejected funding that would cover an estimated 400,000 people in the state and cut the number of uninsured in half.

All of this is hitting on his popularity in Louisiana.

Surveys show him with a 57 percent disapproval rating.

That’s an increase of 25 percent in two and a half years.

A lot can change in the next couple of years.

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