Open mouth, hurt Hawaii

1 Mar

Faye-Hanohano-sizedIt’s sad, but like any people, Native Hawaiians can be racist.

This from the people who preach harmony and aloha.

If you have lived here long enough you probably have seen or felt it occasionally.

Only occasionally, but there are ass-holes in every race and we luckily have just few of them here.

But still…

How an Native Hawaiian elected office holder could destroy her reputation in 30-seconds by going on a tirade before others using words like “haoles”, “Japs” and “Pakes”?

All of that because Democrat Representative Faye Hanohano didn’t like some pictures being hung on her state capitol office wall.

Yeah, she made a poor and weak apology, that really wasn’t one, but she really needs to take some time off and re-find her roots and visit with the kapuna in her community.

As you can imagine, this story is all over the Internet.


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