You talk too much, you worry me to death

8 Mar

Rand-Filibuster-sizedWe didn’t talk about this yesterday because we thought it was stupid.

Now that it’s over, it’s still stupid, but we’ll talk about it.

The filibuster.

Say what you want about Rand Paul’s marathon filibuster – whether it was a noble cause, a vanity project with 2016 overtones, or a protest over a hypothetical – but it makes the case for filibuster reform requiring senators to actually SPEAK if they want to hold things up.


Because it truly forced a debate, in this case over the administration’s drone policy targeting terrorists.

Wednesday night was slipping into Thursday morning on the Senate floor as Rand Paul’s almost 13-hour speech against the president’s drone program had morphed into a larger Republican crusade.

Still, in the spirit of sharing with the many who had better things to do than sit through it, we present – courtesy of Roll Call – a few of the best movements of his marathon speech.

1. Working Alice in Wonderland into it all

2. Democrat Richard Durbin saying, “This is getting perilously close to a debate and I’m sorry for those who are observing it if it looks like the Senate is actually in debate.”

3. After conservatives on Twitter mocked Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell for not being on the floor, he showed up in the 11th hour.

4. Republican Senator Mark Kirk presenting Paul with tea and an apple that sat on his desk.

5. Senate cameras caught Paul chewing on some kind of chocolate candy. It was initially believed to have been Snickers bar, but the more widely accepted theory is that it was a Milky Way. We’re sure a commercial is next.

Say what you want, it’s still stupid.

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