File under: WTF?

14 Mar

Barak-Obama-flipped sizedPresident Obama continues making nice with House Republicans over lunch.

He’s pushing for a “grand bargain”, an immigration overhaul and the rest of the stuff he wants to get done.

He supposedly offered to back $2 in spending cuts for every $1 in tax revenue.

GOP leaders immediately slammed the door on anything that had to do with new taxes.

Here’s the part that almost made us spit our milk out our nose:

Obama also told them balancing the budget over the next 10 years is not on his priority list.

We understand the federal deficit is so large most of us can’t count that high.

But you have to start somewhere in knocking it down, don’t you?

The Republicans thanked the president for lunch and immediately held a news conference.

Once again they said, “If the president wants to let our unwillingness to raise taxes get in the way, then we are not gonna be able to set differences aside and focus on what we agree on.”

Speaker John A. Boehner, “Republicans want to balance the budget, the president doesn’t. Republicans want to solve our long-term debt problem. The president doesn’t.”

That sure sounds like that’s what the President said to us too.

Meanwhile the lunches continue daily.

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