Weiner showing his stuff again

11 Apr

Anthonys-pix-sizedIt’s amazing how some people can deeply hurt their family, lie to the world around them, quit their job before they are forced out – and then think they can make it all go away.

Saying that he would like, at some point, to “ask people to give me a second chance,” Anthony Weiner, is thinking of running for Mayor of New York.

The former congressman resigned in 2011 following a scandal over his mostly naked photos he spread around the Internet to young ladies.

Weiner sat down with The New York Times Magazine and he says he hasn’t decided yet and doesn’t know when he will.

In politics, what he’s doing is called “testing the waters”.

If he does run, he’ll be one of the biggest underdogs of all times.

For now he is saying he’s changed – a humbled, stay-at-home dad just marking time.

Just the fact he’s doing an interview paints a picture of a person raising his visibility.

So, why did he do all that nasty stuff?

According to him, it was because he was a politician.

Weiner says politicians want to be liked and loved and he crossed a line reaching out for that love.

Good grief.

Is he serious about running?

Who knows what lurks in that fertile and photogenic mind.

We quote his brother Jason Weiner: “I wouldn’t stand for other people saying this about him, but there was definitely a douchiness about him that I just don’t really see anymore.”

Look harder.

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