No privacy in politics

15 Apr

Jame-Schiliro-Marcus-Hook-sizedMarcus Hook is a borough in Delaware County, Pennsylvania.

A borough is sort a of small unincorporated city.

Small is the operative work for this – 2,397 people were counted in the last census.

With the scene set, here’s the sad story of Marcus Hook Mayor James “Jay” Schiliro.

He is learning the truth there is no private life when one is in politics.
It is all public.

Joe has been arrested on charges he abused his position to imprison a 20-year-old man during a drunken, gun-wielding evening at his home in February.

According to court documents, Schiliro allegedly contacted the man by text message and had a Marcus Hook police officer deliver him to his home.

There, with Schiliro’s 13-year-old daughter sleeping upstairs, the mayor allegedly gave the man alcohol and pulled out three firearms, one of which he fired inside the house.

During all this, the mayor supposedly asked the man if he could give him oral sex.

Now that the arrest has hit the papers, Schiliro has decided not to run for reelection and the cops are in trouble for the “escort service” and the town is upset.

The mayor blames everything on a problem with alcohol and said he is getting treatment.

Too late.

The sad thing is just about everyone says he’s a good mayor, if you ignore the dumb-ass, stupid thing he did.

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