I was just kidding

18 Apr

Steve-Cohen-sizedIt’s as old as politics – deny until you can’t any more.

Most politicians never realize that once the media thinks you’re fibbing, they will dig deep enough to make a hole for the person to bury themselves in.

Case in point:
A Tennessee Democratic congressman has had Twitter troubles before.

And he’s at it again.

The official line is he tried to “punk” the Washington press corps by sending, then deleting, a flirty tweet to singer Cyndi Lauper.

In case you’re not old enough, she was a big pop star in the ’80s.

Representative Steve Cohen says he was just trying to rope Washington reporters into a feeding frenzy by directing a tweet toward her.

Both were at the same White House celebration of Memphis music last week.

Cohen made two tweets aimed at Lauper, which he then deleted.

We guess he didn’t know both were archived by a government transparency group, the Sunlight Foundation.

Shall we share?

#1 – “@cyndilauper great night,couldn’t believe how hot u were. see you again next Tuesday.try a little tenderness.”

And #2 – “Cyndi,Wow what a night!See you next Tuesday and Try a little tenderness again!Wow!What a special night.Thanks Steve.”

Two days later, on the House floor he praised her performance at the White House event.

“While there were a lot of great performers there, I want to put a particular shout-out to Ms. Cyndi Lauper, ‘cause she’s special.”

Okay, he’s sweet on her.
So what?

The media frenzy, of course, lurched into full gear.

A couple of days later Cohen told NBC News that the tweets were part of an elaborate prank, to demonstrate how the media jumps for certain stories.

He went on to say “tweet and delete” is the best way to get media’s attention, accusing the press of a shameful rush to judgment.

Then he said this: he wanted the media attention given to the Lauper tweet to help promote a PBS documentary about Memphis Soul music.

Seems to us he was then making it up as he went along.

The next day he was asked why the media should believe that the tweets were fake.
Good question.

He said … he spoke to two other lawmakers about the plan before it unfolded.

“They can call John Yarmuth and Joe Courtney who I talked to about it on Monday on the floor and said, ‘Boys, wait till I see what I do this week with the press.'”

Please note: the House wasn’t in session on Monday.

Cohen’s office was asked for clarification, and was told that he misspoke.

See what we mean?

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